Groupbuy FAQ

  1. What is a Groupbuy [GB]?
    A Groupbuy is a collective purchasing arrangement where a group of individuals pool their resources to buy products or services at discounted prices.
  2. How does a Groupbuy work?
    Members of a Groupbuy collaborate to meet minimum order requirements set by suppliers or manufacturers. Once the minimum is met, the group makes a bulk purchase, often resulting in lower prices for each participant.
  3. What are the benefits of participating in a Groupbuy?
    Benefits include access to discounted prices, the ability to purchase items that may be otherwise unaffordable individually, and the opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded individuals.
  4. Are there any risks associated with Groupbuys?
    There’s no risk at all except the possibility of products not meeting expectations
  5. In case there are not enough people for this GB, how will you handle it?
    Typically, 99% of the group buys we initiate are completed early, often exceeding participant numbers. However, in cases of underperformance, the Groupbuy may be canceled, and participants may receive refunds or credits for other courses
  6. Can I wait for your group buy to finish before purchasing the course? By then, I’ll be sure you’ve acquired it, and I’ll buy it
    Of course, you can do that. However, by then, it won’t be a group buy anymore, and you’ll likely have to purchase the course at a higher price, typically ranging from 30-70% more. Early participants enjoy discounted rates and access to private course communities (Discord, Telegram, etc.)

    But why wait until we’re sure to have purchased the course? In the event we can’t secure it, we’ll refund you. You won’t lose anything and will still enjoy better prices and early participant benefits. So, don’t worry; pay as soon as the payment link is available to secure early participant privileges 
  7. What should I do if I encounter problems with a Groupbuy?
    Please contact me if there’s any problems, we are anywhere and willing to help you:
    Telegram: @amandabynes24h or
    Discord: @amandabynes24h
    Email: or
  8. Can I request a GB?
    Yes, if you have any request, please join this GB group:

    And request the course here:  [REMEMBER TO FOLLOW THE FORM]


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